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I know that there are a lot of sites that feature weapons porn stars. Buy X plastic carbine. Oy, with the Veh, only twelve hundred dollars- such a deal! Only buy two grand battle rifles- your precious darling Yuppie skin shall wear it as a talisman and ye shall be free to inherit the valley of the blind as the one eyed king! That is bad enough, thinking that the reloading mechanism of a firearm can compensate for all your other failings. Far worse is the Carbon Steel Knife ONLY And I Repeat ONLY By A certified Stud Muffin Designer or Manufacture. Only buy a $60 pocket folder! Only buy a three hundred dollar belt knife. Your families life shall be forfeited if you settle for anything less you insignificant redneck worm! Now, while I think it is silly to buy let alone use something gay like a zombie hatchet or a ninja sword or a D&D inspired edged weapon, Iím thinking that as long as a knife is, one, sharp and two, based on a proven design, what the hell do you need it to be expensive for? Other than bragging rights?


I donít know about yours, but my crappy made in China stainless steel knives are sharp ( I use the kitchen ceramic disc between two plastic wheels sharpener- cheap and they work even on dull as dirt crap I pick up on the side of the road ) and use standard designs seen elsewhere on far more expensive weapons. Come on, people! Knives are about one damn thing the Chinese canít screw up except by really trying. Yes, Iíd prefer they were still made in Pakistan instead. That wish and $1.50 will get me a Starbucks plain coffee. Chinese stainless is a middlin weapon. Good enough. Buy many, and stock them deep. In the future when we are forced back into home cottage industries, knives will be far more expensive. Plus their sheaths will be far more dear as well, almost like buying a custom pistol rig is now.


If you simply cannot be seen without a carbon steel knife, run to your nearest Bison Amazon ad link and go buy a Mora Swedish knife. You can buy them under $20. Yes, the sheaths are a bit crappy. But, hey, they are still functional if ugly. That takes care of your belt knife. As far as a folder, ask yourself how many dollar bills you want loose in your pants pocket. None, right? They will fall out and get lost. Same with a folding knife. Eventually, it WILL come up missing or lost. Pay accordingly. You want to know what kind of survivalist only has one really expensive rifle, or knife? An optimist. What do we say about that?

Optimist: my glass is half full

Pessimist: my glass is half empty

Realist: who pissed in my glass?

Donít let someone piss in your half full glass.


According to John Hill in ďHow To Live On WheatĒ, flour has close enough to the same weight and calorie content as freeze dried foods, at considerably less cost. Like, fifty cents verses five dollars. And if you recall your misspent youth in Uncle Samís legions, even a putrid can of C-rats tastes better while ďcampingĒ. If wheat creations taste good now, imagine their appeal while in the great outdoors. Lawrence Of Arabia recalled his weeks long treks living on nothing but a sack of flour each rider carried. Mr. Hill recounts his trips making stick bread, long rolled out dough shaped like breadsticks wrapped around the end of a stick and roasted like hot dogs or marshmallows ( some practice is required to cook thoroughly ), as being greedily gobbled even half raw with seconds requested. And, he mentions the old natives routinely using wood ashes as a substitute for baking soda or baking powder. Obviously, donít use anything containing any modern materials like newspaper or cardboard because of the chemicals. Take fresh ashes, sift out any clumps and there you have it.


To make that old Biblical bread, essene bread, the chewy sprouted bread, first sprout your wheat. Grind into a paste, the best tool for sprouted kernels a meat grinder set on fine. Wet your hands as this will stick like white on rice, and shape into thin rounds. Bake on an oiled cookie sheet for about two hours on 200 degrees, or use a solar oven. When you press in on the bottom and it springs back, it is done. One another note, beware a strict bean and grain diet as being deficient in calcium. Use a supplement, but when those run out green leafy veggies are required. Baring those, at the very least the diatomaceous earth you used to store your wheat does contain trace amounts of calcium.


Last up from the above mentioned book, raw bean danger. In the past Iíve passed on a very handy tip from the folks over at Emergency Essentials ( who I love and recommend ). For old beans that wonít cook up properly ( old beans refuse to get soft, even with long soaking and cooking times ) you just ground up the beans in your grinder and then added boiling hot water to create a paste, just like bean dip. Well, now Iím finding out that undercooked ( and especially raw flour ) beans are dangerous. They are nutritiously deficient without proper cooking as certain enzyme inhibitors ( if the legume is consumed by an animal in the wild it passes whole through a digestive system and lands ready to grow- a survival trait ) exist. You MUST apply heat to deactivate this, OR sprout the bean. Sometimes just baking the bean flour in a wheat bread wonít supply enough heat. So, by reasoning, just a shot of hot water in making a paste most likely wonít cut the mustard. So, either sprout the bean first before prepping or if that doesnít work you need to grind up the beans and then roast the flour, THEN prepare however you wish. A further heads up for those of you enamored with soy, as a lot of that is processed with economics rather than nutrition in mind.


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