Bison Prepper


Not the Corona brand, but still made in Columbia rather than China.

Good for tens of thousands of gallons.

Up to 12k gallons, use to make your own Berky type drip filter.

85 cents a watt is a steal and I've had good luck with Chinese panels.

Quality carbon steel, cheap price.

Literally, a Forever Light.

The US peaked in 1998 in silver, 2008 for the globe. Buy silver while you can.

Crudely made but carbon steel and a solid design and made in Nepal, not China

Listed for the Def-Con movie which is cheaper in this version than the stand-alone DVD. Frogtown is just stupid.

Still THE best post-apoc novel, EVER!

Perhaps second only to Lucifer's Hammer. Improbable collapse but pure genius after that. Ignore slight fantasy and druid tree-hugging elements.

The best post-apoc book in terms of human dynamics. Avoid the movie adaptation as it were the plague.

All his other end of the world books, especially The Stand, suck. This is the only good one. Okay, great one.

The only militia porn book I'd judge worthy of a cross over into post-apoc.